Day Date Topic Reading (Due on This Date) Other
M 20-Aug Intro    
W 22-Aug      
F 24-Aug Group Strengths; Introductions; style IIA ch 9; exercises 1-2  
M 27-Aug

Style; resumes; projects

Minutes examples:

  • Gregg Manual page 501,506
  • July 11, 2001 from Calendar

Resume Links

"" ex. 3-4;518-535 Broome minutes
W 29-Aug No Class    
F 31-Aug


IIA 322-334; GRM 340-353

resume due;

Bugg minutes

M 03-Sep Labor Day Holiday    
W 05-Sep Team meeting: client problem solving IIA ch. 1; audience action analysis

letter due

Holmes minutes

F 07-Sep     Johnston minutes
M 10-Sep work on revising resume (plain text, formatted print resume, and html resume)  

Latimer minutes

W 12-Sep brainstorming & drafting of action analysis   Lemons minutes
F 14-Sep Core Method IIA ch 3: Core Method

Action analysis due
Pasick minutes

M 17-Sep

Online Class: IIA ch. 4: Research:
work on Mgt Plan; create a working bibiliography

Draft work plan

Reyes minutes

All three versions of resume and letter due by end of class. post html resume; turn in all others to drop folder.

W 19-Sep Core Method: IIA ch. 5; 12

Work Plan Due with Working bibliography
Roberts minutes

F 21-Sep No Class    
M 24-Sep Technical Reports IIA ch. 12 schmidt minutes
W 26-Sep

Intro to data and spreadsheets (Excel); document design issues

IIA Ch. 6

Report Core Document Due;
Vogl minutes

F 28-Sep



  Bring data for graphing
Broome minutes
M 01-Oct

Intro to RoboHelp


R7fD: Ch. 1  
W 03-Oct Creating Report Presentations: PowerPoint IIA Ch. 8 Install RoboHelp on a computer you have access to; work on first 4 chapters.
R 04-Oct Forrest Gander reads, 7:30 MHA    
F 05-Oct Report Presentations   Report Due
W 12-Dec 3-5:30 FINAL EXAM