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Why you did not recieve a new grade for your 401 paper.

  1. Document was improperly placed in the drop box. To put a document in a drop box, make sure it is not open (that is, make sure you are not editing it in Word). Using My Computer, copy the document from the place you saved it, and then paste it into the drop folder. NOTE: Make sure to open the drop folder to see if your document is there and has a positiven number of bytes.
    1. If your document was still open in Word, the pasted document will have 0 bytes (Figure 1).
    2. If you try to save directly into the drop folder instead of copying and pasting the document from the share folder or another disk, the pasted document will have a temp file name (Figure 2).
    3. If you copied from inside your document, your document will be named Scrap (Figure 3).
    4. If you tried to copy a file into the folder that had the same name as another, you will probably see only some random numbers and letters.
  2. Document was not identifiable as your own (Figure 4). Make sure to name your file using this format: lastname_assignment_version.ext (for example, smith_assign2_rev.doc).
  3. You forgot to copy the file into the drop folder.
  4. You did not revise the document.
  5. Your revised the document, but the new revision would have earned a lower grade than the original version.

Questions to ask yourself before you turn in a revision?

  1. Have I removed all comments? Have I accepted or rejected all changes, and removed all unwanted comments (including my grade and the grade grid)? In other words, is this version the kind of version I would give to my employer?
  2. Did I make sure that I understood comments before I made corrections, or did I guess haphazrdly, removing offending sentences instead of fixing them?
  3. Have I gotten one or more people I trust to peer review the document? Has that person checked to make sure I made no new errors while revising the old ones?
  4. Is everyone's name, title, and company spelled correctly, including my own?
  5. Will anything in this document reflect poorly on my as a professional, including but not limited to
    1. my email address (your email address should be associated with a company or a respectable carrier. Avoid "fun" addresses like "doomee69@hotmail.com").
    2. my language, spelling, mechanics, and tone
    3. my honesty and credibility
  6. Have I saved a copy of the document on my disk or share folder and then closed it before I copied and pasted it into the drop folder?