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Senior Seminar in Writing: Fall 2000 
Mary Adams, Instructor 
Office Hours MW 3:00; TR 11:00; F 1:00
MWF 2:00 PMCoulter 303/ 105
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Books for Purchase

  • Required: Xu Xi's Hong Kong Rose (available at City Lights Books, Sylva) 
  • Required: Ntzoke Shange's For colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf (WCU Bookstore)
  • Required: Portfolio Construction book (WCU bookstore)
  • Required: Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried ( or City Lights)
Books for Rental:

Great jobs for English Majors 
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Class Readings and Visiting Writer Series Attendance (grade based on participation) 10%
Editing and Style Exercises 10%
Resume and Vita (Individual) 10%
Skills Portfolio (Individual) 10%
Nonprofit Grant (groups of 2 or 3) 15%
Major Project (Creative/ Technical/ Other) 20%
Class web site on careers for English Majors (group project) 5%
Presentation on Careers For English Majors (each group will investigate and present and range of careers in the following general areas): 
  • Editing & Publishing 
  • Nonprofit and Fundraising 
  • Hi-tech and Training 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Journalism (Tradiitional and Multimedia) 
  • Teaching, Grad school, higher education 
  • Other Options (Administration, Legal, etc.)
Personal Web Page 10%

Attendance is required and counted. Being absent more than six classes will lower your grade by one letter.

Reading Location
8/23/00 W Introduction and Questionnaires
25-Aug F Resumes and Vitae; discussion of career presentations/ site
Link to Mary Adams's curriculum vita
William and Mary resume page
1st Place
CO 105
28-Aug M Conferences
30-Aug W Conferences
1-Sep F Resumes and Vitae--computer partners assigned
From CV to Resume
Chronicle of Higher Education's The CV Doctor
4-Sep M Labor Day--no class
6-Sep W Grantwriting -- Introduction
The Foundation Center
Other Funding Sources
Animal Welfare Funding
A.J. Fletcher Foundation
8-Sep F Resumes and Vitae--due at end of class CO105
11-Sep M Grantwriting
13-Sep W Grantwriting
15-Sep F Online Resumes/Vitae; career topics & partner assigned CO105
18-Sep M Grant Funder interviews completed
20-Sep W Selection of Grants
22-Sep F Online Resumes/Vitae CO105
25-Sep M Xu xi''s novel -- Hong Kong Rose
27-Sep W Xu xi''s novel -- Hong Kong Rose
29-Sep F Online Resumes/Vitae -- uploading; list of print and online sources due (careers); begin assembling print portfolio and creating online version
Portfolio Template
2-Oct M Meet with novelist Xu Xi; 

7:30 PM Xu Xi reads from her fiction -- required

4-Oct W Editorial Styles and style manuals
Style Manual Example
Proofreading Symbols
Electronic Editing book
Electronic Editing Resources
The Electronic Editors
The Elements of Style
6-Oct F Personal web sites; interview should be scheduled; questions due
Interviewing Lessons
497 Career Presentation
Cqreer Planit search for jobs you can do with an English major Careers
Example Profile (
Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Powerpoint show on Temperament Sorter
9-Oct M Concise writing exercises
11-Oct W style
redundancy, cliches, noun stacks
Power revision techniques
13-Oct F Personal web sites; career presentations (interviewing) CO105
16-Oct M Fall Holiday -- no class
18-Oct W Concise writing exercises
20-Oct F Career profiles due CO105
23-Oct M Concise writing exercises
25-Oct W grantwriting
27-Oct F Careers: all reports due to webmasters;Powerpoint Presentations: Editing & Nonprofit CO105
30-Oct M Concise writing exercises
1-Nov W grantwriting
3-Nov F Powerpoint Presentations: Hi-tech and Creative CO105
6-Nov M Ntzoke Shange.'s "For Colored Girls"
7-Nov T Monday classes meet: Ntzoke Shange.'s "For Colored Girls"
8-Nov W Ntzoke Shange.'s "For Colored Girls"
10-Nov F Careers: all links pages due to webmaster; Powerpoint Presentations: Journalsim and Education CO105
13-Nov M Grant Proposal due
15-Nov W 7:30 PM Ntzoke Shange reading/ performance. Required
17-Nov F Careers: All graphics due to webmaster (only legal graphics allowed); Powerpoint Presentations: Other CO105
20-Nov M
22-Nov W Thanksgiving Holiday -- No class
24-Nov F Thanksgiving Holiday -- No class CO105
27-Nov M Major project due. 
29-Nov W
1-Dec F Online portfolios; cdroms CO105
4-Dec M
6-Dec W OBrien's The Things They Carried with 498
8-Dec F OBrien's The Things They Carried with 498
11-Dec M OBrien's The Things They Carried with 498
18-Dec M 8:30 - 11 EXAM TIME --online portfolio and print portfolio due