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No Tolerance Policy

Texting and cell phone use keeps you from learning, so their use is rude to your parents but also rude to the taxpayers. You and your parents pay for only a portion of your education, even if you are not on financial aid. At this institution, taxpayers pay for more than 70% of your education, and — understandably — they do not want to be cheated.

Cell phone and computer use is also unforgivably rude to those who attend class with you. Texting, talking, buzzing, and talking all distract the teacher and annoy your fellow students.

Therefore, I cannot allow you to use of cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices in class.

  • Laptops. Due to frequent abuse of laptops, I must forbid their use unless you have a documented disability that requires the use of a laptop. This policy also applies to blackberries and other handheld devices.
  • Cell phones: Please turn them all the way off. Do not place them on your desk as if you are expecting a message at any moment or are prepared to race out of the room with them in case of a fire. Do not turn them on vibrate or silent. For this class, try to pretend that you live before the time of cell phone use.
  • Few students would be so rude as to send text messages in class. Such students are so insensitive that they only respond to overt public humiliation. Keep that in mind.
  • MP3 players, Ipods, and other gadgets: Don't be ridiculous! I can't think of anything more rude than sitting in a class with your headphones on.
  • Penalties for the abuse of my policy:
    • If I see that your phone is on, even if it is set on vibrate or silent mode, I will ask you to turn it off. The second time that happens, I will mark you absent.
    • I will warn the first student whose cell phone rings in class. Subsequent abuses by any student will result in an absence.
    • If I see you texting in class, I will mark you absent.
  • This penalty also applies when you are attending any other event, such as a play or lecture, that I assigned as part of this course.
Dr. Mary Adams, instructor
last updated 21-oct-14