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Read Hamlet; Imagery / Rhetoric sheets (you will do one for each play)
1/29/2018 Hamlet
2/5/2018 Abstracts
2/12/2018 Bodies: Richard III and Titus Andronicus  
2/19/2018 Sex & Gender: Much Ado & Merchant of Venice  
2/26/2018 Turning Turk: Othello & Antony & Cleopatra  
3/5/2018 Spring Break
3/12/2018 Women on Trial: Measure for Measure and Winter's Tale  
3/19/2018 Graduate Confernece
3/26/2018 Fantasy Island: Twelfth Night & The Tempest  
4/2/2018 War: Henry V, Corolannus
4/9/2018 Macbeth
4/16/2018 Kings: Richard II & Henry VIII
4/23/2018 King Lear
4/30/2018 Teaching Shakespeare; Review  
Dr. Mary Adams, instructor
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