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Wk Date Day Topic For Next Class
1 T 18-Aug Introduction

Homework: CM chapter 2

What to study for next class

R 20-Aug


Drop add ends tomorrow

Homework: CM chapter 3

What to study for next class

2 T 25-Aug

CM Chapter 3 (to page 88)



For next class, use the Wiki to post one major god, two minor gods, one monster, and one boldface term from the textbook to define (four all together). Post them on the Wiki in question and answer form. Example: Question: Who is Apollo and what is his symbol? Answer: Apollo is the god of arts and is sometimes associated with the sun. He carries a lyre.

Note: if your god has an alternate Roman name, please find that too.

Note that if someone has already posted your names, you'll need others. It pays to go first!

Read CM:12 The Troy Cycle

(stop at the Iliad)

What to study for next class

R 27-Aug

Discussion of Paper 1: PowerPoint

Ch. 10 PowerPoint

Chapter 12: The Troy Cycle

Discussion of paper two: Choose the book you want to purchase and read (No Man's Land or The Penelopiad)

Odyssey 1,3

Begin reading either novel Penelopiad or nonfiction book No Man's Land

Journal Prompt: the first two books

3 T 1-Sep

Odyssey 1,3

Odyssey 5,6, 7 (90-160)

Journal prompt: books 5,6

R 3-Sep

Odyssey 5,6, 7 (90-160)

Excerpts from Book 4

Excerpts from Book 5

Excerpts from Book 6 and 7

Odyssey 8 (70-126),9,10

Journal prompt: books 9,10

4 T 8-Sep

Odyssey 8 (70-126), 9,10

Two example journal entries:


  • Xania and lack of it
  • Food crimes
  • Shape shifting
  • Riddles of identity (Odysseus): Name, parentage, home
  • Temptation/Curiosity
  • Arrogance/carelessness
  • Famous tricks
  • Example: Cyclops episode
    • lack of civilized network, agriculture
    • lack of Xania
    • gift-giving
    • Perversion food/not food law


  • Exotic episdoes in three (short,short, long)
    • Kikonians, Lotus Eaters, Cyclopes 9.118
    • Aeolos (incest), Laistrygones, Circe 10.138
  • Preface to center of poem: Tirersias (549-end)

Style (Odysseus as storyteller):


Odyssey 11,12

Journal prompt books 11-12

R 10-Sep

Odyssey 11,12

Women Men
Antikleia Agamemnon
Persephone Achilles
Tyro Ajax
Antiope Minos
Alcmena and childbirth Orion
Chloris Tityus
Leda and the swan Tantalus
Iphimedeia Sisyphus
Phaedra Heracles



Odyssey 16-17 or 19-20 (Half of you will read the first two chapters; half will read the second)

Journal prompts

5 T 15-Sep

Paper 1 working thesis due

Odyssey 16,17 and 19,20

  • Eavan Boland: The Pomegranate
  • Michael Collier: Argos (book 17)

Odyssey 22,23

Journal prompt 22,23

R 17-Sep

Odyssey 22, 23


6 T 22-Sep


Begin PowerPoint presentations (visit my office by appointment before fall break)

Greek drama PowerPoint

Tennyson, Ulysses

Epic and Tragic: A Presentation


Aeschylus, Eumenides
R 24-Sep


In-class performance of Eumenides

Virgil, Aeneid 1

What to study for next class

7 T 29-Sep

Inroduction to Paper 2

Virgil's Aeneid, 1

Virgil, Aeneid 2

What to study for next class

R 1-Oct

Aeneid book 2

  • Laocoon and prophecy 55, 275-310
  • Sinon's deception and Roman candor 140-270
  • Trojan horse 313-359
  • Aeneas dream 360-420
  • Seige of city: chaos 532-729
  • Helen of troy 739-812
  • Anchises, Ascanius (Iulus), Creusa and her ghost 832-end

Virgil, Aeneid 4

What to study for next class

8 T 6-Oct

Aeneid Book 4

  • Book 3 summary
  • Dido and her sister 12-75
  • Madness and ruin 95-126
  • Venus and Juno's conference; marriage? 127-240
  • Rumor: 240-296
  • Mercury (Hermes) visits: 353-402
  • Aeneas and Dido break up 403-538
  • Dido's despair 545-end (and read the first paragraph of book 5)

Virgil, Aeneid 6

What to study for next class

R 8-Oct

Aeneid 6

Roman, rember by your strength to rule/ Earth's peoples--for your arts are to be these: / To pacify, to impose the rule of law,/ To spare the conquered, battle down the proud.

  • Summary of Book 5
  • Sybil of Cumae as guide; and her cave (Icarus story) 13-15. Written prophecy vs. oral prophecy.
    • Prayer 76-119
    • Prophecies of Rome 128-155
    • Aeneas's request 156
    • Sybil's instructions 185-225
    • What actually happens 278-299
    • "May it be right" 351-369
  • Entrance to hell 376-402: Sword is not useful here (cf Empire Strikes Back)
  • Ferryman Charon and Cocytus and Cerberus 403-575
  • Over the river 575
    • Babies, falsely accused, Minos, fields of mourning (lovelorn), Caneus to 639
    • Famous Trojan warriors (roman vs. Greek) and Deiphobus to 716
    • Fork:left (malefactors): Tisiphone, Hecate, and Rhadamanthus to 838
    • and right (Elysium/ Blessed grove,and the future 853-1202
  • Gates of horn and ivory



T 13-Oct OCTOBER BREAK Begin reading Dante
9 T 20-Oct

Discussion of Paper 2

Dante books 1-2 in class


Post an entry to the Dante journal. Choose one of these questions.

R 22-Oct

Dante Inferno 3-7



R 29-Oct

Dante 8-10

  • Movie: start at 17:50
11 T 3-Nov

Dante circle 7 (11-17)

Paper 2 thesis due

  • Dante Journal: Answer these questions about the "pimps and seducers" (cantos 18-23)
R 5-Nov

Dante 18-23


  • Dante journal: answer these questions about the most fradulent (cantos 24-30)
12 T 10-Nov

Dante 24-30


R 12-Nov Dante 31-34
13 T 17-Nov

Dante film (out of class)

  • Watch one of the three films based on Dante's inferno on Blackboard, and answer discussion questions about it. These questions are due by Sunday, November 22.


Read Euripides, Medea
R 19-Nov

Paper 2 due

Lecture: Euripides

Euripides, Medea

Some productions of Medea

14 T 24-Nov Medea
15 T 1-Dec
R 3-Dec