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Date Day  Topic Homework for Tomorrow
1/17/2018 W

Introduction to Shakespeare


Shakespeare and Audiences

Support Groups



Begin watching In Search of Shakespeare. (links below work on campus. Also available as a streaming video from Netflix and on Blackboard).

Fill out this form as you watch, and turn it in by 2/20/18 (Tuesday, advising day).

Read: Shakespeare's Language (see Blackboard)

What to study for quiz on Shakespeasre's Language (see Blackboard, Content, Readings, Shakespeare's Language)

1/19/2018 F PowerPoint

Shakespeare's Language

I. The Imagery Analysis

II. Shakespeare's Language and the Imagery Analysis

  • Richard III Act 1 (read with Audio)

Imagery Analysis (bring form to class; we'll begin one together).

1/22/2018 M

III. Shakespeare's Language: Class, Gender, Performance

Context/ Links

Richard III Act 2
1/24/2018 W

Rhetoric and Imagery Analysis Practice (in groups)

Read Richard III, 1.1 (and see speech of this character as he kills Henry VI at the end of Henry VI part 3)

  • 1.2 Anne's courtship (14:20 Princess Anne mourns her dead husband/fiance, the murdered son of Henry VI)
  • 1.3-2.1 Family manipulation (30:19 )
  • 3.1 Regent Richard and young prince Edward (now king) (48:00)
  • 3.7 staged show with Lord Mayor (59:35)


  • 14:20 Princess Anne mourns her dead husband/fiance, the murdered son of Henry VI
  • 30:19 1.3 Richard orchestrates a domestic scene
  • 47:04 children and Richard (2.2)
Richard III, Act 3&4
1/26/2018 F

Richard III, Act 3 and 4

  • 48:00 3.1 Regent Richard and young prince Edward (now king)
  • 59:35 3.7 staged show with Lord Mayer
  • 1.08.55 Richard loses Buckingham's good will
  • 1:17:00-1:26 4.4 Queen Margaret and the women


  • Women and children in the play. Why so many?
    • Act 2.2 and Act 4.4
  • What's great and what's amateurish about this early play?
  • What is the conflict, and how does the resolution to the conflict play out?
    • Politics: By what right does the king govern? How do kings get and maintain power?
    • Metaphysics: Is Richard's end "just"? Is his punishment deserved? Is God or Providence at work (see prophecies)?
    • Pschology: Is Richard a stereotypical "vice" or is he more complex? What evidence do we have? What causes him to do evil?



Richard III, Act 5
1/29/2018 M

First imagery analysis due today by class time

Richard III, Act 5 Battle scenes

1:32:10 5.5 Battlefield (night before)

Discussion of War of the Roses & Shakespeasre's Tetralogies

Read Henry V prologue (first scene) plus 1599: Prologue (through page 23)

What to study for Quiz

Imagery Analysis

1/31/2018 W

1599: Prologue

Henry V Act 1

  • Prologue

History and Context

Shakespeare's stagecraft

excerpts from film and Elizabeth I

Complete Henry IV Act 1
2/2/2018 F

Henry V Act 1

Read Henry V Acts 2 and 3
2/5/2018 M

Henry V Act 2 AND 3

Themes: bastardy, suffering of innocents,grafting, horses

Minor plot (parodies or exposes irony in major plot)

Characters: foreigners (Fluellen, Jamy, MacMorris, Katherine and nurse): Shakespeare's buffoons are those who aren't culturally or linguistically fluent so become the butt of wordplay

Textual issues: Bourbon in Q (this text), Dauphin in Folio (most texts). See 3.7

  • 2.0 Chorus
  • 2.1,3 Pistol
  • 2.2 summarize
  • 2.4 (end) 40:11
  • 3-3.4 (film 42.56
  • 3.3 (mineshafts)
  • 3.5,7 French Court
Read Henry V Act 4
2/7/2018 W

Henry V, etc.

I can drink with any tinker in his own language -- Prince Hal, I Henry IV

  • Metaphorical patterns: plants and weeds/farming/manual labor/rape/dismemberment/eating and vomiting/illegitimacy/animals

Discuss Prologue, 4.1, 4.3, 4.6-8

  • Bardolph dead (Act 3)
  • The ironic circle: 1 Henry VI
  • King as Linguist: 4.0, 4.1 vs. 5.2 (Willliams and Harry -- language of class)
  • Foils of king as linguist:
    • Pistol and French Soldier 4.4
    • Fluellen 4.7
  • [1:30:50] Glory of war? 2 speeches in 4.3
    • Killing of boys 4.6-7
Read Henry V Act 5
2/9/2018 F

Paper 1 Discussion and thesis brainstorming


  • [1:30:50] Glory of war? 2 speeches in 4.3
    • Killing of boys 4.6-7
    • Pistol's end 5.1
  • Elizabethan Parallels: The Earl of Essex Prologue 5.0 (and see 1599, 23-103)
  • Long view of war? cf 5.3.320-7 and epilogue
Read Shapiro's 1599 Chapter 1 (23-103)

What to study for quiz


2/12/2018 M

Groups assigned; meeting

Discuss Shapiro, 1599 23-103

Discussion; excerpts from Henry V (film) and Elizabeth I

Critical Approaches: Source Study


  • War in Ireland
  • Henry IV part 2: epilogue (public domain)
  • War in Lisbon: 27:00
  • Court dynamics 37:01
  • Cecil 46:00
  • James I and succession negotiations Disk 2 57:46
  • Cadiz: Another triumphant return for Essex 1:03
  • War in Ireland Disk 2 1:08:20

Battle of Wills

Great Blow in Ireland

Burial at Westminster

Sermon at Richmond

Band of Brothers

  • Contested war stories

Read Julius Caesar Act 1

Imagery Analysis

2/14/2018 W

Julius Caesar, Acts 1

  • 1.2 Caesar and Antony (Lupercal race, w. Casca, Calpurnia, Soothsayer); Brutus and Cassius; Cassius reports crowning scene (7 parts) BBC 5:04
Read Julius Caesar Acts 2-3
2/16/2018 F

Paper 1 Working thesis due

Acts 2-3


Read Shapiro 107-170

What to study for quiz

2/19/2018 M

Shapiro 1599 107-170

Discussion of thesis sentences

See excepts Elizabeth I

  • 37:20 Plots
  • 1:02 Cadiz and return


Book Burning

Is this a Holiday?

2/21/2018 W

Julius Caesar Act 4

  • Men and Women: 4.2
  • 4:1 Triumvirs plot
  • 4.2 Brutus and Cassius quarrel; Portia dies; Brutus can't sleep (1:28-134:30; 1:38 (16th c. song by John Dowland)
  • 4.2 Brutus, Cassius , and Ghost of Caesar (film to 1.58)
Read Julius Caesar Act 5; imagery analysis due by class time (I will close the assignment so you must hand it in by then)
2/23/2018 F

Julius Caesar Act 5

Imagery Analysis due today

Read Shapiro 1599: 173-249

No Imagery Analysis for As You Like It; schedule group conferences with thesis, outline, and quotes for support

2/26/2018 M

Paper 1 Notecards due for check

Shapiro 1599: 173-249


Context -- AYLI

2/28/2018 W Conferences
3/2/2018 F Conferences First two Acts of AYLI due after break
3/12/2018 M

AYLI Acts 1 & 2


As You Like It, Acts 1-2

  • Twelfth Night: All Male Cast and part 2
  • Stradanus (van der Straet) on Renaissance hunting
  • 2.1 Introduction to duke and court; hunting
  • 2.4
  • 2.7 minor characters of double plot


Read AYLI Acts 3 & 4


3/14/2018 W

As You LIke It, Acts 3-4: "The perfect woman is a man"-- House M.D.

  • Petarch's Five Stages of Man from his Tronfi: 1. Man in his youthful state is the slave of love. 2. As he advances in age, he feels the inconveniences of his amatory propensities, and endeavours to conquer them by chastity. 3. Amidst the victory which he obtains over himself, Death steps in, and levels alike the victor and the vanquished. 4. But Fame arrives after death, and makes man as it were live again after death, and survive it for ages by his fame. 5. But man even by fame cannot live for ever, if God has not granted him a happy existence throughout eternity. Thus Love triumphs over Man; Chastity triumphs over Love; Death triumphs over both; Fame triumphs over Death; Time triumphs over Fame; and Eternity triumphs over Time.
  • Ardenne/ Arden as forest/garden
  • Biblical allusions: Adam and feuding brothers
  • Pastoral elements: Silvius/ Phoebe and English reality check version Wiliam and Audrey (allusions to Marlowe)
  • Plot changes from Lodge's Rosalynde
  • 3.1 36:15 Playmark
  • 3.2 (24 minutes)
  • 3.4 (2 minutes), 3.5
  • 4.1 (10 minutes)


For Monday:

3/16/2018 F

Paper 1 due; Research papers (due in Stages)

How to turn your first paper into a research paper (1-2 primary sources and four secondary sources due by March 26; all note due by Friday April 13)

3/19/2018 M

AYLI Act 5

final scene: 1:44 Playmark

Shapiro, 1599 254-320

Hamlet is on the "Fault line of irresolvable ethical conflict" (300). Caught between irreconcilable belief systems.

Hamlet Act I and working thesis sentence due

Imagery Analysis form for Hamlet

3/21/2018 W

Hamlet: Act I and Thesis sentence due (send me the thesis in an email by today at 5 pm).

Opening of Hamlet:

Hamlet, the Text

Teaching Hamlet

  • Mel Gibson goes back to school (improvisation unit 3): 7:30
  • Shakespeare set free, acting, and unit plans
Read Hamlet Act 2
3/23/2018 F

Discussion of thesis sentences and possible support

Hamlet Act 2

Read Hamlet Act 3
3/26/2018 M

Hamlet Act 3

(Working bibliography--list of all sources due today)

Read Hamlet Act 4 for April 2
3/28/2018 W NO CLASS
3/30/2018 F NO CLASS
4/2/2018 M Read Hamlet Act 5
4/4/2018 W
  • Death of Ophelia; grave scene end of 4.7-5.7 (2:23:20) (Tennant)
  • Same scene, Branagh (disk 2 38:22)

Shapiro, Epilogue and Kernan Chapter 1

What to study for quiz on Shapiro

4/6/2018 F

Shapiro, Epilogue

Finish Hamlet (Imagery analysis due today by class time)

[Medieval revenge feuds aka Romeo and Juliet are intolerable to society, and yet as the] "first modern intellectual of our literature," Hamlet realizes that "power is in the hands of a class whose values humane people feel they must repudiate." — Arnold Kettle, Marxist [The "fatal flaw" is not in the individual but in the state and the social order it upholds]

"Tragedy is so far from being a proof of the pessimism of the Greeks that it may, on the contrary, be considered a decisive rebuttal....Saying Yes to life even in its strangest and most painful episodes, the will to life rejoicing in its own inexhaustible vitality even as it witnesses the destruction of its greatest heroes ... Not in order to be liberated from terror and pity, not in order to purge oneself of a dangerous affect by its vehement discharge — which is how Aristotle understood tragedy — but in order to celebrate oneself the eternal joy of becoming, beyond all terror and pity...." — Friedrich Nietzsche

Read Kernan chapter 1 (see Blackboard)

and Measure for Measure (Act 1)

What to study for quiz on Kernan

Imagery Analysis form for Measure for Measure

4/9/2018 M

Kernan, Chapter 1: Art and Theater in Service of the Leviathan State

Measure for Measure Act 1

Measure for Measure Act 2
4/11/2018 W M for M act 3
4/13/2018 F

All notes due today

Measure for Measure Act 3

  • 3.1 58-171 (3 parts)
  • 3.2


M for M act 4
4/16/2018 M 4.3 (Barnardine) M for M act 5
4/18/2018 W Long Act 5
4/20/2018 F Conferences
4/23/2018 M Conferences Jonson, Masque of Blackness
4/25/2018 W

Masque of Blackness


Tempest Act 1
4/27/2018 F




Tempest Act 2
4/30/2018 M Tempest Tempest Act 3
5/2/2018 W Tempest Tempest Act 4 & 5
5/4/2018 F

Tempest (Imagery Analysis for the Tempest due by class time


Dr. Mary Adams, instructor
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