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T 1/14/2014

Introduction to class

Handout: In Search of Shakespeare (4 parts, to be watched out of class) due any time before Feb. 25 (hand in on Blackboard). Feel free to watch with friends, but don't share answers!


R 1/16/2014

Macbeth readaround (continued)


Note: Drop-add ends tomorrow

Read Macbeth Act 1 (listen to audio on Blackboard while reading)

What to study for quiz NOTE: for all quizzes, check syllabus to see if quiz guide link is active. If a quiz is scheduled, the link will be active 24 hours before class begins. Refresh your cache (see above) to see the latest version of the page.

T 1/21/2014 Begin watching Macbeth Read Macbeth Act 2; begin reading Serena (371 pages, due in stages.
R 1/23/2014 Macbeth act 2

Macbeth, act 3

What to study for quiz on Serena (first 100 pages) due Tuesday

T 1/28/2014

Macbeth, act 3


Macbeth, act 4
R 1/30/2014 Macbeth, act 4

Macbeth, act 5

What to study for quiz on Serena (Part 2 to 210) on Tuesday

T 2/4/2014 Macbeth, Act 5

Finish Serena by Tuesday, Feb. 6


R 2/6/2014 Viewing: Midsummer Night's Dream Blackboard: discussion of Serena due by Tuesday at 5 PM (note: you will need to finish the book to answer the questions)
T 2/11/2014   Meet with groups and choose which novel and film you will watch. As a group, you should cover 1-7 plays and 3-7 films (bigger groups will cover more material).
R 2/13/2014 MSND continued; Groups assigned Read Hamlet, Act 1
T 2/18/2014

Ron Rash visits



R 2/20/2014

Hamlet, Act I

Hamlet, Act 2

Quiz: Stoppard Act 1 due by Monday Night 2/24 (opens on Blackboard Monday morning in Assignments folder; 30 minutes)

Study Guide

T 2/25/2014 Advising Day: No class  
R 2/27/2014

Hamlet, Act 2 and 3


  • 1.3 Ophelia and Laertes (compare P's advice to each). Question: why this second family plot?
  • 2.1.84-34
  • 3.1.99-175

Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, and the Players

  • 2.2.240-574 meets R&G and players
  • 3.2.96-317 ("The Mousetrap")

Hamlet's soliloquires

Quiz: stoppard Act 2 (blackboard) due by Monday, 3/3 at midnight (opens Monday morning on Blackboard in Assignments folder)

Study Guide

T 3/4/2014

Hamlet, Act3- 4

  • 3.2 Hamlet and his mother


R 3/6/2014

Hamlet, Act 5

Blackboard: discussion of Stoppard's R&G due by Friday, March 14 at 5 PM
T 3/11/2014 Spring Break: No class
R 3/13/2014 Spring Break: No class Reminder: discussion due.
T 3/18/2014 Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Discusson of papers

Blackboard: Group discussion 1 of works due by 5 p.m. today; half of group novel should be read and one film should have been viewed

R 3/20/2014 ""
T 3/25/2014 Film: Othello Paper thesis due; start reading Mama day
R 3/27/2014 Film: Othello
March 31 Note: Literary Festival begins today (2 events required).
T 4/1/2014 Tempest, Acts 1-2 Examples and quotes for paper due
R 4/3/2014 Tempest, Acts 3-4
T 4/8/2014 Tempest, Act 5

Quiz: first third of Mama day due on Blackboard before class begins Thursday (quiz closes at 1:45 p.m.)

Quiz guide Mama Day (pp. 1-97)

R 4/10/2014

Film: King Lear

Note to me: Conference begins

Paper due; Mama Day due 4/22
T 4/15/2014 Film: King Lear

Quiz second third Mama Day (98-197) due by Sunday (end of break) at midnight

Quiz guide Mama Day (pp. 98-197)

R 4/17/2014 Easter break: no class
T 4/22/2014 Presentations Blackboard: Mama Day discussion due by Monday, April 28 at 5 p.m. (Must complete the book to answer questions)
R 4/24/2014


T 4/29/2014 Presentations
R 5/1/2014

Mama Day

Final Exam times (you can come to any exam time; check classrooms)
2 PM class (Shakespeare)  Monday, May 5, 12:00 - 2:30
3:30 class (Stories retold)  Friday, May 9, 12:00 - 2:30
12:30 class (303: Intro to PW) Thursday, May 8, 3 - 5:30
Dr. Mary Adams, instructor
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