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Day Date Topic Homework for Next Class
F 5-Jul

Introduction to course and computer lab. Practice simple markup and FTP transfer.

Right click and save on desktop:

Register for free site at http://www.biz.nf/ and set it up in Adobe Dreamweaver.


  • Read Learning Web Design (LWD) Chapter 1.
  • Yahoo Style Guide (YSG) chapter 13 (See Blackboard).

What to study for quiz

M 8-Jul

Discussion of LWD Chapter 1 and Yahoo Style Guide Chapter 13.

Practice HTML (index page) and local and remote file movement using Dreamweaver and Notepad/ Filezilla.

Site structure. Start practicing with LWD 4.

  • LWD Chapter 2.
  • Yahoo Style Guide (YSG) Chapter 1.

What to study for quiz

T 9-Jul

Server information for my 000 site

In-class: LWD Chapter 4 (Simple web page). We will practice writing and publishing

Writing Assignment 1: Rewriting dense copy. Example: WCU English Education page. Due tomorrow (we will work on publishing it then).


  • Work on writing assignment 1.
  • Skim through LWD chapter 5.


W 10-Jul

LWD Chapter chapter 5: Practicing basic HTML coding.

Publish Writing assignment 1 on your personal page.

LGW Chapter 4: Pathway pages.

LWD: Chapter 11.

What to study for quiz

R 11-Jul

Cascading Style Sheets: Practice Chapter 12.

Writing Assignment 2: Creating pathway pages from Writing Assignment 1 (see this example). Bring to class tomorrow.

  • Work on writing assignment 2: pathway pages.
  • Reading YSG: Chaper 7.
F 12-Jul

LWD: Chapter 6 and 7: in class practice.

Writing assignment 3: FAQs. Write a FAQ using this page as basic content. Use research to supplement.

  • Write Writing Assignment 3: FAQ for Monday.
  • LGW: 9, 11
M 15-Jul

CSS: The Box model (LWD Chapter 14)

Writing assignment 4: Instructions (Use principles learned in LGW 9 & 11)

  • Write Writing assignment 4: Instructions for Wednesday
  • Review YSG: Chapter 7
T 16-Jul CSS: Box model, continued plus Floating and positioning (LWD chs 14-15)
  • Complete Writing assignment 4
  • read YSG 8
W 17-Jul
  • Introduction to Group site: Kathleen Thompson Norris
  • Form project teams (site planner and page designer)
  • CSS: Box model, continued plus Floating and positioning (LWD chs 14-15)
  • Read LWD 16: page layout
  • Read Norris articles and review material for Monday
R 18-Jul

Page and site design

Introduction to Web Style Guide


  • Assignment: look for web sites whose design you like
  • LWD chapter 21
F 19-Jul

Discussion of page design; Introduction to graphics (LWD chapter 21 and 22)

Logos, Menus, columns, and boxes

M 22-Jul

Introduction to page templates and site maps (Wireframe.cc or Cacao tool) and Yahoo Developer YUI Grids

Writing assignment 6: rewriting instructions for tomorrow

Introduction to graphics



  • Design team sketch page (wireframe) template outline
  • Site planner outlines content pages
  • Work on writing assignment 5
T 23-Jul

Graphics continued.

Site grids: 960.gs

Writing assignment 7: Bibliography


  • LWD Chapter 3: Usability and user interface
  • Begin Writing assignment 7: Bibliography (due Thursday)
W 24-Jul

Writing assignment 8: Article overview

Design team begins template design; writing and graphics tasks assigned

Article summaries:

  • Carter
  • Balay
  • Cadegan
  • Gumin
  • Thornton

Group content:

  • About page (use Carter's call for members)
  • Biography
  • Links page

Other links:

  • Timeline (I'll do that)
  • Discussion board (kathleenthompsonnorris.org/board)


  • Each group page should have an image. Images should be captioned with source and permission info).
Begn work on articles
R 25-Jul


Code to "like" our page on Facebook

Map of downtown Sylva

Final exam

F 26-Jul


Scripts (search box, RSS feed, Facebook)

Work on blog assignment
M 29-Jul

Peer review site template


  • Review YSG Chs 11, 12, 19
T 30-Jul

All written content due: proofreading in class.[Only two digest articles have been posted]

Tips for editing digest articles and other content articles (you should not edit your own:

  • Agree on standard layout that includes article title, author name, publication information, date, etc.
  • Cut filler (expletives, passive voice, be verbs, extra articles, general wordiness). Rewrite cliches.
  • Compare words to word list in Yahoo Style Guide (Capitalization, abbreviations, spelling, compounds, numbers, dates, currency, computer or specialty words, place names, proper names)
  • Go over every piece of punctuation (Quotes, quotes within quotes, commas, dashes, colons, ellipses, apostrophes,) to see if it conforms to YSG
  • Create word list for style guide. It should include publication names, article and book styles, place names, people names, specialty-terms. It should also have consistent font sizes, heading levels, and ids/classes.

Finally: Everybody should stop skipping class.


Create style guide; send home to reproof (due tomorrow!)

W 31-Jul

Site Template due; Putting the site together

Goodle adwords keyword tool (paid)

Trellian Keyword Discovery (paid)


Three free keyword tools

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

R 1-Aug

Get site feedback and review; Introduction to usability testing

Writing assignment 8: Press release and rewrite1 and rewrite2. (Do yours about our project).

F 2-Aug Final site due
M 5-Aug Final exam

Writing 8: article overview

Write a short (300 words or less) summary of one of the articles about Norris by one of the following writers (assigned):

  • Carter
  • Balay
  • Cadegan
  • Gumin
  • Thornton

Format your article using the best web-writing practices:

  • Front-load content
  • Use summary phrases or reader-based questions as headings;answer those questions in the paragraphs or lists that follow the headings
  • Include bibliograhical information (available in KTN biblography on Blackboard) in an article tag
  • Consider including relevant links or images (but if you use images, make sure to indicate all relevant information such as title, date, artist, and ownership/ original location)

This article will be included on the group site. Use Yahoo Style Guide for commonly-used words, numbers, article formatting, and punctuation.

Writing 7: Bibliography

Write a bibliography for Norris using the following two resources, the partial bibliography (Word) and the online books list at Online Books Library.

  • All the information should be on one page. It is okay to copy text from these sources, as long as you retain everything, including the URLs.
  • Your job is to format the page:
    • Put the bibliography in a container div.
    • Categorize the works using section and article tags (see LWD chapter 5,"Marking Up Text," as well as chapter 12, "Formatting Text.")
    • Use tags and styles to format article titles and journal/ book titles.
    • Don't forget a page title, a document title (H1), and subheadings.

Extra credit: Under interviews, link the audio of Norris's interview about the San Francisco Earthqake so it will play. Use themp3 file on BB--big file) or just link to it: http://archive.org/stream/cabeuroh_00001. The instructions are on p 198 of LWD.