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Day Date Topic Homework for Next class
T 8/22/17

Introduction to Course


Homework for tomorrow:

  • Read Book of Ruth (NRSV); take notes on character and place names in Ruth and future bible readings
  • Start watching The Bible Unearthed and completing viewing sheet (due on January 26;see Blackboard)
  • Start reading The Red Tent as soon as possible
R 8/24/17

Reading: Ruth


Excerpt --Ezra on foreign wives

Lecture links:


Homework for tomorrow:

Harris Chapter 1 and 2

What to study for next class (for quiz; don't forget to take notes on character and place names in Ruth and future bible readings)

Drop add ends tomorrow

Part 1: Conquest--Grief, Betrayal, and Transcendental Homelessness

T 8/29/17

Reading: Harris, Chapter 1 and 2

Discussion Links:

Harris Chapter 1 Notes

(Type answers and save document; hand in on Blackboard by Sunday)

Homework for tomorrow:

Lamentations (NRSV); 2 Chronicles 36; and Harris Chapter 3

Terms to know from Harris reading (chapter 3)

R 8/31/17

Reading: Harris Chapter 3 and Lamentations

Discussion Links:

Harris Chapter 3

Discussion Links: Lamentations and 2 Chroncles 36

Biblical Context


Paper 1: Translation (due Friday, September 15 on Blackboard) with example

Homework for tomorrow: Ezekiel 1-11, 33,37 (NRSV); Harris chapter 6 pp 165-72, box 6.3, 191-198 (Ezekiel and 2nd Isaiah).

Terms to know from Harris textbook and Ezekiel

T 9/5/17

Paper 1: Translation (due 9/15)

Reading: Ezekiel and the Babylonian Crisis

Film: Mysteries of the Bible--Prophets

Discussion: Assyrian Prophecy background

Discussion: Ezekiel (first scribe who recorded his own prophecy)

  • Ezekiel (chs 1-11, 33,37)

Context and Handouts

What to study for next class: Isaiah 40-55;

What to study for next class

R 9/7/17

Reading: Second Isaiah

Discussion: First Isaiah

Discussion: Second Isaiah

Links: First and second Isaiah

Context --Babylonian Prophecies:

Reading for next class: Ezra 1:1‐4; 7-10:44; Nehemia 8-13(NRSV) and Harris selection on Ezra and Nehemia (quiz will be essay only; write down names and interesting details about life after the return; read carefully)

What to study for next class

Part 2: Return--The Second Temple Period and the Vassal State

T 9/12/17

Ezra- Nehemia


Film: Kingdom of David Part 2

Reading: Deuteronomy 1-4,5-6 (shema), 7:1-6 (plus others in class)

R 9/14/17

Discussion of Paper 2

example student paper 2

due Friday, October 6 on Blackboard

Reading: Deuteronomy 1-4,5-6 (shema), 7:1-6 (plus others in class)

Structure and age of Deuteronomy according to scholars (particularly Martin Noth, a German)

  1. Core (chapters 12-26, plus ratification and penalties (28:1-46)) composed in time to Josiah in 7th century; part of reform that repudiated syncretism under Assyrian occupation of north; coincided with Josiah's successful stand against weakened Assyrian government that freed parts of Judah
  2. Frame: 1-4:40; 31-34 added during exile to introduce Deuteronomistic history (Joshua thru Kings). Also passages that reflect exile (28:47-56; 30:1-10)
    1. Harmonization: chapters 5 (reiteration of decalogue, with variations) and 6-11 may have been added then or later.
  3. Priestly re-editing. In Post-exile period (before Nehemiah), this book was appended to the Torah/Pentateuch.

Four ways Deuteronomy revises or diverges from worship expressed in Exodus and Leviticus (see R.E. Clements 1965):

  • De-mystification of ark of the covenant. Symbol of divine presence (Exodus) vs. container for tablets (Deut).
  • Centralization of worship: Exodus "In every place where I cause my name to be remembered I will come to you and bless you" vs. Deut. "You will seek the place which Yahweh your god shall choose to set his name there" in the tabernacle
  • Theme of election of chosen people magnified
  • Yahweh's bond with all of Canaan--natural or conditional?

Context: Deuteronomy



Proverbs 1.1-9.18; plus Harris 232-236

Terms to know for Proverbs

Note: Paper 1 due tomorrow (Friday) at 5 p.m.

T 9/19/17

Reading: Proverbs


Homework for tomorrow: Jonah and Esther (NRSV) plus Harris text on Esther 241-244

Terms and Names to know for Esther

R 9/21/17

Reading: Esther

Homework for tomorrow: Ecclesiastes;

For Thursday, an online discussion forum will take the place of class. You will have to post twice, once to make a comment and once to respond to another comment. The first comment is due by Thursday at the end of class time (4:45 p.m.)

T 9/26/17

Reading: Ecclesiastes

Other handouts



Homework for tomorrow: Job 1-10; 36-42 (NRSV) and Harris 208-214; 223-232

Words and names to know for Job

R 9/28/17

Reading: Job

Job and Harris ch. 247-256


What to study for next class
T 10/3/17 Job continued;

Reading: Jonah

Homework for tomorrow: Genesis 1-25 (NRSV); Harris chapter 4 62-79

Terms to know for Tomorrow

Part 3--Assembling and Rewriting the Past: Two Narratives of Origin

R 10/5/17

Narrative one: The Peaceful Assimilation Model

Reading: Genesis 1-11

Important Themes / Words / Names

For comparison: Psalms 14,74 (12-17),89 (8-13); Proverbs 8.22-31

Some alternate creation text passages

Handouts (context)

Genesis 12-25

What to study for next class

Note: paper two due tomorrow

T 10/10/17

Essay 3 (Source Examination) due Friday October 27, on Blackboard

Reading: Genesis 12-25


Homework for tomorrow:

  • Harris chapter 480-93
  • Genesis 25-36 (and see blessing in 49);
  • near eastern creation myths

What to study to know for tomorrow

R 10/12/17 ""

Genesis 25-36

Jacob's Covenant

Film about Joseph (and a scene from The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)

Slides related to Hebrew Bible (from UPenn course) including "Asiatic" migration to Egypt around the time of the patriarchs

Alternate Creation Myths:

The Hebrew Goddess

For next class (after break), Finish the Red Tent, and answer three of the six prompts on the sheet below on the Discussion board. Then follow up on two more. Do this before we meet again after break.

What to study for next class

T 10/24/17

The Red Tent

Youtube playlist of excerpts

Handmaid's tale

Homework for tomorrow: Exodus 1-15, 18-20, 32-4 (NRSV); Harris 93-104

Names and terms to know in Exodus

R 10/26/17

Strangers in a strange land

Reading: Exodus 1-15, 18-20, 32-4

  • Harris 117-130


Readng for next class:

Judges (1-4, 9, 11, 14, 19-21) (NRSV); Harris 112-3 including box 4.11); 123-125 (Deuteronomistic history), and Box 5.1

Terms to know for Judges

Note: Paper 3 (source examination) due tomorrow


R 11/2/17

Thematic Essay 4 (due Wednesday,November 22 on Blackboard)

Summary of next two Books

Narrative Two: The Conquest Model or the Deuteronomistic History

Reading: Judges

Judges: Episodes

Homework for next class:

Note: paper 3 (Source study) due tomorrow at 5 p.m. on Blackboard

Read Harris 141- 164 plus selections from Samuel and Kings:

  • 1 Samuel 28 (necromancy, holy war)
  • 2 Samuel 7:1-16 (covenant)
  • 1 Kings 3 (succession; legends of Solomon)
  • 1 Kings 17-22;
    2 Kings 1:1-12 (Elijah); 2 Kings 9 (Ahab and Jezebel)

Terms and names to know for Samuel-Kings

T 11/7/17

Today in Bible issues: No Cake for You

Discussion: Quick jog through Samuel and Kings

  • Deuteronomistic theory
  • Alternate theory of Organization: Family History plus National History plus Monarchic History; Joseph story and Judges story act as bridges between them
  • In class:
    • 1 Samuel 8, 9: Kingship
    • 1 Samuel 15, 16: end of God's favor, selection of David
    • 1 Samuel 24, 27, 31: David and Saul
  • 1 Samuel 28 (necromancy, holy war)
  • 2 Samuel 7:1-16 (covenant)
  • 2 Samuel 11-12 (Bathsheba)
  • 1 Kings 3 (succession)
  • 1 Kings 12 (division)
  • 1 Kings 17-22; 2 Kings 1:1-12 (Ahab, Jezebel, Elijah), 2 Kings 9 (Ahab and Jezebel)
  • David Movie (National Geographic)
  • Film: Kingdom of David Part 2: Wisdom Literature or "Writings"

Context and Discussion: Kingship narratives

Homework for next class:

Daniel (all) (NRSV); Harris 249-256

Names and Terms to know for Daniel

Part 5--Intertestamental Period: Coexistence or Apocalypse

R 11/9/17

Reading: Daniel plus 1 Maccabees chapter 1 plus Harris 274-279

Context and Handouts


What to study for next class
T 11/14/17

Banned from the Hebrew Bible if time): selections from Banned from the Bible II (7:00) (1. Testament of Solomon; 2. Lilith)

Homework for tomorrow:

  • Harris: 284-294; (Apocrypha)
  • Susannah and either Tobit or Judith (from Apocrypha)
What to study for next class
R 11/16/17

M for M Act 2 and 3 \

Extra credit link: Follow this link and "like" the page you land on: https://www.conquestgraphics.com/news/nonprofit-partners-2017/humane-society-of-jackson-county

Then get 15 friends to like it; each 15 friends will eliminate one absence. OR 25 friends will replace one quiz. (Just give me the list of names)

Lecture and Context

Pseudepigrapha and context


Homework for tomorrow:

  • Harris chapter 13 (430-438)
  • I Thessalonians
  • Romans 4-7
  • James 2

What to study for next class

T 11/21/17

NO CLASS: Watch this film out of class:

Banned from the New Testament Part II, then take part in the discussion forum


Note: Paper 4 (themes) due tomorrow at 5 p.m. on Blackboard

Part 6--Rome, Revolution and the End Times: Rabbinic Judaism and the Jesus Movement

T 11/28/17

Reading: Harris chapter 14, Thessalonians, plus Romans 4-7

For comparison: James 2

Film: Empires: Peter, Paul, and the Christian Revolution

Discussion: Useful Terms

Interesting Links:

Other great films on this period:

What to study for next class

Homework: Harris 360-374 and Gospel of Mark (NRSV)

Study guide for quiz on Mark


R 11/30/17

Reading: Gospel of Mark; Harris 360-374

Homework: Selections from the Gospel of Matthew

study guide




T 12/5/17

Gospel of Matthew


Other Context: Competing Gospels


Homework: John's Gospel (or Fourth Gospel) (NRSV) and Harris (408-426)

Study guide for John's Gospel

R 12/7/17

Film: Kingdom of David, part 4 (on campus) or via Youtube (off campus)

Brief Discussion: Gospel of John

Links for Discussion:

Other links:

Film: Christianity, the first 2000 years: 29


Final exam study guide
M 12/11/2017 ENGL 431: SHAKESPEARE 12-2:30
R 12/14/2017 ENGL 609: POETRY 6-9
F 12/15/2017 ENGL 390: BIBLE 12-2:30



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